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Rufus x Tseng (FFVII) lanimalu


She’d given him that flower while his gun barrel was pressed against her chin, in a trembling attempt at levity. And he’d barely managed to get away from her wide, fear-reddened eyes, slamming his apartment door once he got home after failing yet again to punish her for transgressing her boundaries.

When he’d calmed down, he realized he didn’t have anything that could serve as a vase except a couple of ash-filled beer bottles from when Reno had come round for a smoke. So with a sigh of resignation, he sat on the cement floor of his balcony and stuck the goddamn flower into one of the bottles, fingers tightening on the green glass as he pondered whether or not to give in to the impulse to smash it to pieces.

(He was glad he hadn’t smashed it, though, when the dreaded news came and all he had left of her were dusty files and that old, dried flower in its sticky beer bottle.)

Tseng in #10 for albedosoyna <3


I was requested with Tseng for the ninth palette. 

Make Me Choose

↳ sentinelmutt reported || Vincent or Tseng or Barret


Kiss art challenge #4!

after that dinner, possibly ;)


インフル part.1/2



Do you have any idea how long its been since I’ve drawn FF7 fanart because it has been a long time.

So yeah I got you perfect murder couple.