Professional Considerations.


I apologize in advance if this becomes rambly and cumbersome, but I’ve got to get this out of my head.

 General Affairs vs. Administrative Research.

I’ve long been torn by the use of both of these departmental titles in reference to the Turks because they mean such different things. And both are used at different times canonically in the Compilation.  

The Department of General Affairs sounds to me like it would encompass everything from internal security to facilities maintenance to the folks who make sure that there’s toilet paper in all of the bathrooms. It, in short, sounds like an internal department within ShinRa that deals only with ShinRa things at the various sites around the globe.

The Department of Administrative Research, on the other hand, sounds a little more all-encompassing. As if the members of this department could move around, their work concerns being both inside and outside the company.

Now, let me be fair here and as accurate as possible. ‘Turks’ is just a nickname. There is no canon evidence that it is anything except a nickname - not an acronym or anything, and even Hojo, in his missive about Vincent being locked in the basement, refers to him as a ‘Turk.’ That indicates that the nickname has been in use for at least 30 years, and it is likely been longer than that, as such a thing doesn’t seem to be something that Hojo would use unless it was so pervasive that using any other title would be bothersome in terms of getting his point across. (Hojophiles can expound on this thought if they like.) It takes time for something like a name to build to that level, it is not an overnight thing.

Now, the hierarchy falls in such a way that both the Turks and SOLDIER fall under Heidegger’s Department of Public Safety. Public. This and the existence of the two divisions with very different purposes (Turks and SOLDIER) seems to indicate that perhaps the second (Department of Administrative Research) is a more apt department title for the Turks.


As turktseng talked about over the weekend it would be logical to assume that there are two divisions within the Turks - those who have excelled at combat and are suited to active, external missions and those who’s specialty is the collection, distillation, and redistribution of information from all over the Planet. ShinRa has it’s fingers in everywhere it seems and that is a lot of ground to cover. Before Crisis alludes to there being Turks that even the Turks haven’t met, and Cissnei seems to be much more handy with information than she does with field work (even though her field work could very well be imparting information, but the motives for this would be her own and not ShinRa’s.)

Which leads me to having discovered an interesting word choice in one of the descriptions of how the Turks fit in to the grand scheme of ShinRa.

Used in reference to the actual physical location that the Turks work from, it is nevertheless interesting to term the Turks-only section of ShinRa Electric Power Company as a subsidiary of the greater ShinRa campus. Why would their home be considered a subsidiary (which, in simple terms, just means that it is a mostly independent holding of a larger company) and not the Turks themselves?

Personally, I think that there is a lot of hidden truth in the term subsidiary in reference to the Turks. It does appear that there is some merit in this idea, given that President ShinRa, Sr. gives directives and orders directly to Veld even though technically the Turks fall under Heidegger’s Public Safety Department. 

The actions of the Turks in canon also seem to indicate that there is a considerable degree of autonomy within the Department of Administrative Research (which sounds like a bullshit title to me and always has as what Administration would need Researching at ShinRa? And they have an Internal Affairs department as well, so…?) Obvious case in point being Tseng spending years shielding Aerith from ShinRa and reporting repeated failures at capturing her but never getting fired for it. Also, the faked assassination of Veld in Before Crisis and the solo actions of the Turks in Case of ShinRa as they go looking for Rufus after Diamond Weapon attacks. From Veld giving Tseng orders to follow and berates him without question to Veld’s forgiveness and extremely lenient treatment of Legend to the fact that the Turks are capable and successful in dealing with the Remnants with Rufus unable to give direct orders to them for some time, the level at which the Turks are permitted to govern and police themselves and their actions seems to indicate that they are an independent (or at least semi-independent) unit within ShinRa. 

(I do not include the events of the OG as examples of autonomy as I think in OG they were acting on orders in every instance that we see them. Tseng, stressed and panicking after having just months before faked Veld’s assassination and just days prior having been found out by President ShinRa, Sr., has to take Aerith in to prove his loyalty. Once the President is dead and Rufus takes up office, the private missions of the Turks shift with the change in leadership. So while Rufus is ‘ruling with fear’ he is also directing his Turks (who can work under the public radar) to make sure that the Strife Party gets where they need to be with the power necessary to do the job that only they can do.)

It is also interesting to note that given the assumed technology level and the fact that all of the Player Turks in Before Crisis scattered, living apart from one another after their exile, they certainly all came together quickly when they realized that they might be needed back in Midgar during Meteorfall. Why? How did that work? Had they kept their phones, it is reasonable to assume that they could have been tracked and if everyone you know suddenly has a new number, exchanging them could be impossible, especially if you can’t all be seen together at once. It is interesting to consider that perhaps there was some other method of communication between the Turks of Before Crisis that even ShinRa executives were unaware of.

But this has gotten long enough. 




Turks are family.
Turks are family.
Turks are family.
You know what family does? Trust, love, support one another.
They don’t undermind one another, treat them like they are dumb or superior, they don’t turn their backs on one another.
They are Turks for a reason. Whether they are Veld all the way to the noobie Elena, they are all EQUAL.
Such family. Much Turks. Wow.





tseng and rufus goodness for my next commission hurr. I do love some of these prompts i’m given *v*

Rufus may never bleed or cry, but Tseng never, ever sleeps. 

I could sit and look at this for a very long time. Lovely work: Rufus so fast asleep, and Tseng so alert.

Dying. Dying … Dead.

What a wonderful moment.

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elenaivoire asked:

웃:three people that are important to my muse


  • Rufus Shinra
  • Aerith
  • The Turks - he will not just pick one.
Anonymous asked: ☺:three things that make my muse happy ☻:three things that make my muse sad ♪:three songs that remind me of my muse ☯:is my muse more idealistic or cynical? ⌘:was my muse good in school? ♉:is my muse prone to jealousy? ♊:is my muse smart? ♓:my muse's biggest secret

☺:three things that make my muse happy 

  • Completed paperwork
  • Coffee
  • Lilies

☻:three things that make my muse sad

  • Injury to Rufus
  • Injury to any of his Turks
  • Instant coffee

♪:three songs that remind me of my muse 

  • You can view any of the songs tagged here

☯:is my muse more idealistic or cynical?


   ”I would say idealistic, even if I’m not that much of a dreamer. I do have a passion.”

⌘:was my muse good in school?

  “I graduated at the top of my class. I would be in no position to be the Director if I failed in school at all.”

♉:is my muse prone to jealousy? 

   ”No.” - or so he states.

♊:is my muse smart? 

   ”Again, it boils down to my position here at Shin-Ra. I am a quick thinker and can come to a conclusion without second thought. One more, I did graduate with the highest scores.”

♓:my muse’s biggest secret

 ….I’ve been threatened by Tseng to not tell, as he has an image to uphold. You might what to become a close friend of his or mine to figure that one out.




I like this. It looks French, for some reason. Maybe because they all look as if they can smell cheese?

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✝: any religious beliefs my muse has
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♪: three songs that remind me of my muse
★: a wish my muse has
☑: something my muse has accomplished that they're proud of
☢: something my muse is afraid of
☂: what my muse does on a rainy day
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☮: is my muse a happy person?
웃: three people that are important to my muse
☃: does my muse like the holidays?
☯: is my muse more idealistic or cynical?
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✄: is my muse creative?
⌘: was my muse good in school?
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♑: is my muse an optimist or a pessimist?
♒: is my muse emotional or more detached?
♓: my muse's biggest secret


Palmer watched the entirety of the clip, before being thankful that Rufus wasn’t a news reader. 

He dabbed at his forehead with a handkerchief and set out to edit the video suitable for the public. 

Well, he didn’t look it, but Palmer did enjoy a challenge… 
Director of Propaganda was a title he did live up to~


And it is HERE!

Video one of the Q&A. 

Needless to say…. enjoy :D